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Archive for March, 2012

Smooth Cruise

Watercolor and ink on 5″x8″ Moleskine notebook. 21 March 2012.
Had an unusually smooth cruise that morning, flying from Portland, ME, to Dayton, Ohio.
Passed my short layover sketching at the end of the C concourse of Detroit Metro Airport, waiting for my connecting flight.

The Beast

Watercolor and ink on 5″x8″ Moleskine watercolor notebook.

It was unseasonably warm here today, so Will rolled out The Beast from The John Deere Palace (the former goat barn.)
It started up on the second try, no black smoke or chugging at all. No wee mousies fled the engine
when it started like they did last year. Maybe no one had set up camp over the winter…

For Marguerite’s Amusement

For Marguerite’s Amusement. Watercolor, gouache and ink on 4″x8″ folded watercolor paper, chipboard covers and ribbon.

I made this for a special friend who is feeling sad. I want to make her smile.
I’ve written her short stories before to amuse her and have one in the works,
but wanted something really tangible to send. This made me smile while I was
writing the kooky vignettes. Hope it does the same for her!
Here is a look at the covers and another sketch of the book.

Miss you, Ma

Permanent marker and colored pencil on Bienfang graphics paper.
This sketch was done a number of years ago, probably in the late 1980s. Although this is a drawing of my much beloved and now deceased mother-in-law, I never showed it to her. I’m sorry I didn’t let her see this, because it makes me smile just to look at it and I had to share that. I miss you, Ma.

Presumpscot River at Bridge Street, Westbrook, Maine

Downstream view of the Presumpscot River at Bridge Street in Westbrook, ME.
On errands, I couldn’t resist stopping for a few minutes to scribble in the scene,
leaving the color for later. Spring is definitely in the air!
Watercolor and ink on 5″x8″ Moleskine watercolor notebook.

Soft-Serv Snow Pile II

Soft-Serv II, the final race course of this year’s Cabin Fever Snow Pile Races.
Yellow Bird wins the Mystic Seer Bobblehead Doll!
Ink, watercolor and marker on 5″x8″ Moleskine watercolor notebook.