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Archive for April, 2012

Natter, Schmatter

Ink, markers and watercolor on Moleskine notebook. 26 April, 2012. South Portland, Maine.
Had an appointment to have my car serviced at the local Subaru dealer  and their WiFi never works for me, so I brought my sketchbook and pens. Wish I’d brought my earplugs, too, because two 60-year-oldish ladies were dominating the waiting area with their blather and natter. I barely contained my eyeballs from rolling back in their sockets several juicy times and inadvertently let an exasperated sigh when one of the ladies asked her friend where
Daytona Beach was. (Really.)

The natter and the wait might have been boring as hell, but I found the duct work
in the showroom fascinating.

Awash in Babies

Watercolor, ink, Tombow pens on Moleskine watercolor notebook. 23 April, 2012.
These wee baby dolls live in this 3″ diameter salt cellar in a china cabinet. They caught my eye the other day—they looked forlorn and neglected. Now they reside on my desk and demand constant attention. Because I know who’s boss around here, I obliged with a sketch.


Ink and watercolor on 5×8 Moleskine. 15 April, 2012.
Lost miserably at Scrabble today, but came up with a half-decent ink sketch of the situation. Then, when I started painting, I bumped the notebook and the Bloody Mary red paint ran. So, I went with it and splashed my way across the page. Whoopsie…

Mirror, mirror

Watercolor, Inktense pencils on Strathmore 140#. 10 April 2012.
The two desktop critters demanded more time out of their box, so they got to stay on the drawing table overnight. Tonight, they patiently sat for their portraits, although I think the frog is fairly glowering at the lizard.

Stand Off

Derwent Inktense pencils, Noodler’s Bulletproof Black on Strathmore 140#. 9 April 2012.

Spring weather made it too windy to draw outside, so I resorted to reorganizing my art supplies.
I rewarded myself by staging and sketching a stand off on my drawing table
with a couple of willing desk critters.

The Boss

Graphite, ink and Derwent Inktense pencils on Strathmore 140#. 5 April 2012.
Drawn from a scale replica of a roof boss at King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, England.

Looking Up

Watercolor and ink on 5″x8″ Moleskine. 4 April 2012.
Feeling a little guilty for spending this beautiful April afternoon painting and listening
to music. But, only just a little. I’ve often sketched and painted this house on the Presumpscot River that we’ve been living in for 27 years and never feel that I quite capture the look of the vergeboard. Looking up at the roofline, I marvel at the workmanship and simultaneously see dollar signs when I see how it needs to be repaired.