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Opposites Attract

Johnson Bros. “Indies” pattern sugar bowl. Ink and watercolor on Moleskine watercolor notebook.
6 September, 2012.

Aiming for a fast and loose sketch, I cast my eye about for inspiration. Of course, my desire for detail superseded my plan and guided my gaze to the china cabinet. There were the pretty blue and white Indies plates. Ah! The sugar bowl would be fun to sketch, I thought to myself. After I got the bowl settled in the middle of the kitchen table, I queued up a Supernatural episode on Netflix and started drawing while Sam and Dean raced about saving people and “ganking” demons.

Mostly, I listen to music when I sketch. I don’t know what impulse led me to put on my guilty pleasure, Supernatural, while drawing, but it’s not lost on me that I was depicting something very fragile and light against a heavy background of tongue-in-cheek television horror. Think I won this battle, though. I’m quite happy with the resulting delicate sketch of our pretty sugar bowl. Maybe that old saying is true: opposites attract.