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Fringe Withdrawal

122112 walter blotter adj
Noodler’s Bulletproof Black and watercolor on a 9×12 Strathmore 400 series hardbound notebook. 21 Dec. 2012

The fifth and final season of Fox’s TV show Fringe isn’t even over yet and I’m feeling lost without it — in advance. The inevitable loss of “intimacy” with the storyline and characters I’ve grown to know and love has started to set in with the countdown for the finale, which is slated for next Friday night.

Of course, I sketched while watching this evening, but it was half-hearted effort and I’m not at all inclined to scan it. Here’s my favorite portrait of Walter Bishop, played by John Noble, from Season 5, Episode 9, “Black Blotter.” In this episode, Walter’s dropped blotter acid (again) and leads the gang on a merry chase to a room that links to a sort of parallel reality. At first, the Walter character annoyed me, but he’s really grown on me and I believe when I am in the throes of my Fringe withdrawal that I’ll miss him the most.